Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Opening at Aspen Public Radio.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting just posted another job opening at Aspen Public Radio on August 13th. Read about it here.

This position is listed as both a Classical Music Program Director and Classical Music Host/Producer. Does that mean the staff member who lands this lucrative job gets two paychecks or three?

Maybe one of the classical public radio hosts at CPRN is interested in moving from Denver (or Los Angeles) to Aspen? My guess is that it would be a pay cut though.

Kirk Siegler is on the move to KUNC.

News Director Kirk Siegler is moving from Aspen Public Radio to KUNC-FM. I wonder what that means for the hardest working reporter at Colorado Public Radio? My guess is that Eric Whitney of KRCC-FM in Colorado Springs becomes CPR's go-to guy for news reporting now.

Hey Eric and Kirk, send me some recent (and larger photos), unless of course you think that you have faces for radio! And in that case, I am sure someone ELSE will provide us the material.

"Colorado Remembrances," by Bente Birkeland.

If you're not familiar with Bente Birkeland, she is the only broadcast journalist posted full time at the Colorado State Capitol Building. She covers the Colorado Legislature full time when it's in session.

KRCC-FM pays half of her salary, and the other half is funded collectively by Rocky Mountain Community Radio member stations, a project originally started by KGNU as the Capitol Coverage Project.

She provides daily updates during the legislative session; 2-5 times per week. Bente has been on the job a little over 18 months now. KRCC-FM and Rocky Mountain Community Radio should be very proud of her and her work.

Listen here to one of her recent stories which aired on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Saturday. Thanks to a Colorado Public Radio Blog reader for this post.