Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Aspen Institute & Studio 360 from PRI.

Listen to a special live taping of Kurt Anderson’s Public Radio International (PRI) show Studio 360, with guests author/actress Anna Deavere Smith, ballet dancer Damian Woetzel, and Pulitzer prize-winning writer, and novelist Edward P. Jones. With musical guest Elizabeth and the Catapult. Also, here is a link to WNYC's Studio 360 archive at Odeo.

--Press release provided by The Aspen Institute, July 28, 2007.

Fort Carson Memorial Service on KRCC.

Fort Carson held a memorial service for five soldiers killed in an attack in Iraq last month. It was the single deadliest incident involving Ft. Carson soldiers since the war began. Bente Birkeland reports from Colorado Springs. Here is a link to the story online from KRCC-FM, Colorado Springs. --press release provided by KRCC-FM.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Colorado Public Radio to bring HD Radio to Vail?

On Thursday, July 26th, Frances Koncilja, a former Board Member at Colorado Public Radio, posted some of the general details for CPR's plan to introduce HD Radio in Vail, Colorado. Here you will find the actual CPR Communications Plan and the the proposed time line for HD implementation by CPR.

Koncilja is unsure; however, whether her Going Public in Denver Westword, on the Denver Westword Blog, or here with with Colorado Public Radio Blog has changed, postponed, or canceled these dates for the planned upgrade in the Vail Valley.

The latest information from Colorado Public Radio is that the Vail changes will be discussed at the September 2007 Board Meeting. Stay tuned!

KAFM & Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Join us on the patio all day at Kannah Creek Brewing Company on Saturday, August 4th for live music and great beer. Come try our newest creation, 16 Watt Ale. Proceeds from the day's events helps to fund KAFM-FM, Grand Valley Community Public Radio. Good luck fundrasing!

This press release provided by a Colorado Public Radio Blog reader in Grand Junction, Colorado, by Kannah Creek Brewing Company, and by KAFM-FM.

KUNC's Antenna Upgrade Makes Radio World.

For all the engineers and techies reading Colorado Public Radio Blog, here is some technical and site information about the KUNC antenna upgrade, from Radio World Online.

PRX: Public Radio Exchange & KRZA-FM.

Catch some recent pieces about news, arts, and culture in the San Luis Valley from KRZA-FM in Alamosa, Colorado. The stories are posted on PRX: The Public Radio Exchange.

US Congressman Doug Lamborn & The CPB.

"This is the amount of money that freshman US Congressman Doug Lamborn. Doug Lamborn, who represents the 5th CD, last week proposed stripping from the national Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB): $420 million." Maybe some of you would like to contact the Congressman?
-from, Colorado Confidential, July 25, 2007.

The Aspen Institute & Aspen Public Radio

Find Seminars and Public Programs that are broadcast on Aspen Public Radio and Grassroots TV 12 here.

Upcoming speakers include Former US House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, Ambassador Dennis Ross, and Former US Senator and Current Democratic Presidential Candidate, John Edwards.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Critter Patter" on KRFC 88.9FM.

Critter Patter
is a half-hour radio program featuring information on pet health and behavior topics as well as pet-related businesses in Northern Colorado. It airs at 6:30 p.m., Thursdays on KRFC 88.9FM, and can also be heard online here.

This post provided by the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

KOTO-FM Fundraising Success in Telluride.

The Telluride Daily Planet reports that Bob Dylan Electrifies Town Park in KOTO-FM fundraiser. Congratulations to a community, public-radio success story in southwestern Colorado. Dylan's "200 [touring] days a year" at age 66 seems incredible. And with the passing of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, perhaps Bob Dylan is now the new hardest working man in show business. I think we are all glad that he is working hard for public radio.

Colorado Public Radio Links & Sidebar.

CPRB Readers:

A recent visitor to the Colorado Public Radio Blog astutely noticed that we had omitted several public/community websites from this blog. We apologize for our omissions, and we offer these corrections and additions.

Please welcome the following stations to CPRB:

1. KTSC-FM, Pueblo: REV89, The Revolution at CSU-Pueblo.
2. KMSA-FM, Grand Junction: Mesa State College Radio.
3. KDUR-FM, Durango: Fort Lewis College Community Radio.
4. KSJD-FM, Cortez: Dry Land Community Radio.
5. KOTO-FM, Telluride: Community Radio Telluride.
6. KWSB-FM, Gunnison: Western State College Radio.
7. KRNC-FM, Steamboat Springs: KUNC in the mountains.
-The Management

"the latest 'word," by Michael Roberts.

Once again, Denver Westword writer Michael Roberts, picks up a story, about broadcast-coverage changes at KUNC; a story that both The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News missed. And who says that great journalists can't also be terrific bloggers! Competition indeed! For public radio and for the press. Stay tuned!

*Also, read the Colorado Public Radio Blog entry posted here on Wednesday, July 25th.

KCFR 'News Initiative' Staff (almost).

Colorado Public Radio updated the station's website today, to reflect the changes since Managing Producer David Hill left several weeks ago. Here is a photo of the News Initiative, absent two of KCFR's News Hosts, Mike Lamp and Bob Lafley. Way to take (make, give) the Initiative?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What HD Radio will Mean to Vail Listeners.

One June 20th, the Colorado Public Radio Board of Directors tabled (until September 2007) consideration of an action item on the agenda to begin transmitting in HD radio on FM 89.9 HD1 in the Vail Valley. However, it appeared that CPR management had already ordered the necessary equipment in May 2007, without Board consideration or approval.

So if this change passes in September 2007, and Colorado Public Radio uses FM 89.9 HD1 digital/analog for "KCFR News listeners," even those people who have not spent $200+ on a new HD radio, will continue to get the KCFR news. However, when CPR broadcasts classical music on FM 89.9 HD2, only listeners with HD radios in their homes and cars will get KVOD music.

Do the listeners in the Vail Valley want this, need this, or think this is a good idea? I would like to know your opinion, so please email me, Frances Koncilja. The Board of Colorado Public Radio should also hear your opinion, so please email Colorado Public Radio too, contacting Board Members directly if you like.

As to an exclusive KCFR News channel running 24/7--how many times can anyone listen to the same 30 minutes of Colorado Matters--the only original news content produced by Colorado Public Radio!

*See the Colorado Public Radio station map to find your Denver-run, public radio station.

Wi-Fi Radio by Acoustic Energy.

Do you want to listen to your favorite public radio stations without using your standard home stereo or portable radio? Do you already have a broadband connection with wireless capability? How would you like to choose from among the thousands of stations you like most--ones that already stream content over the Internet--stations located in Colorado, in the United States, or throughout the world? Well, Wi-Fi Radio may be just want you need. Check out this link from National Public Radio (NPR). Be prepared though, these devices are not cheap!

Gear Up!

CPRB Readers: Which of your public radio stations sells the best gear or supplies the best premiums? Here is a link to the KUVO shop called The Oasis Store at CafePress. And here is a link to the KGNU shop.

Seriously, are the public radio pickings in Colorado this sparse! If so, why? Does your public radio station sell good gear, or does is supply great premiums? If not, perhaps you should ask them to do so. After all, it's your money, right?

KUNC Upgrades Its Transmitter Site.

If you had trouble reaching KUNC in Denver, Colorado before, you will likely have better reception today. Here is the information from KUNC in Greeley, Colorado.

"Last night at 7 pm, KUNC flipped the switch on our new transmitter site at Buckhorn Mountain, which will significantly improve our signal over the majority of Northern Colorado, the I-25 and Highway 36 corridors, and much of the metro Denver area. However, some areas may experience a weaker signal." --KUNC

Here is the old KUNC coverage map, and here is the new KUNC coverage map. Maps (and thanks) provided by Radio-Locator. As you can see, the new location of their antenna changes the coverage area in Denver and in the surrounding areas of northern and northeastern Colorado.

This will surely mean more competition for National Public Radio (NPR) listeners in the Denver Metropolitan area, because KUNC, like KCFR and KUVO, broadcasts some NPR content. I guess Denver public radio just got more interesting, to say the least!

Just so everything is clear, so to speak: KUNC broadcasts on 91.5-FM in Denver, KUVO broadcasts on 89.3-FM in Denver, and KCFR broadcasts on 1340-AM (and 90.1 FM-2) in Denver and 1490-AM in Boulder.

This just in: I was reminded from a source (via email) that Colorado Public Radio tried to buy KUNC a few years back (2001). Here is an article from Current.Org in which Max Wycisk, President of CPR, tells readers that:

"Public radio and television have historically been under-funded, so a lot of that local premise is never realized," He said. "Putting our resources together gives us the ability to generate more and deeper local and regional programming."

Now it seems as though KUNC is surviving without Colorado Public Radio's "deeper local and regional programming." What is that programming again? Deeper, local, and regional?

Your "Local" Public Radio Station.

Lost and Found Sound is great. It is the National Public Radio (NPR) show that finds and broadcasts old radio and radio show pieces which have been lost or forgotten.

In keeping with that theme, lost and found, or rather just found, look what I found! These are the Form 990 files (financial documents) for The Classical Public Radio Network otherwise known as CPRN. It is the joint venture (LLC) between Colorado Public Radio and KUSC (in Los Angeles, California) to produce and distribute classical music to its listeners.

Here are the links to the financial documents: Form 990, CPRN 2003, Form 990, CPRN 2004, and Form 990, CPRN 2005. At Colorado Public Radio Blog, we just thought our readers would like to know some more details about their "local, community" radio station.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"the latest word," by Westword's Michael Roberts.

Michael Roberts, of Denver Westword, mentions Frances Koncilja and Colorado Public Radio Blog today. Read the latest 'word about this former Colorado Public Radio Board Member. Thanks, MR!

The Dish!

Do you have submissions from behind-the-scenes for Colorado Public Radio Blog? If so, we'll post it with The Dish. So, give it up! What's happening in Colorado public radio. Email us about it, and we'll post it. Or, post it here as a comment. C'mon, DISH!

Send Us . . .

Please email us your public radio press releases, news and music clips, and station and event links, so that we can post them here. At Colorado Public Radio Blog, all news is good news, we assure you!

Colorado Public Radio Links.

Please let us know if we have missed linking to your public radio station. Email your station links to us, and we will post them to the right sidebar. Thank YOU!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Changes at Aspen Public Radio.

The Aspen Daily News reports the two changes, Executive Director and Station Manager, at KAJX. Read the June 29th article here and the June 30th article here. The station promoted existing staff members instead of hiring interested, national talent.

CPRB Presents: More Insights from Frances Koncilja.

Please check back for our new feature, "CPRB Presents." Frances Koncilja has much more to contribute regarding her experiences as a former Board Member of Colorado Public Radio. What would you like to know about public radio? Ask your questions here, by posting comments to the blog or by emailing Frances or Jimmy about it.

Community Advisory Group?

Colorado Public Radio has a Community Advisory Group, for which they are not seeking new membership. Who is on their current Community Advisory Group? Who knows? Do you suppose that your local public radio station has an obligation to share that information with its listeners? If so, why don't they?

Mission Statements: Anyone, Bueller, Anyone?

Many companies have mission statements. Some are succinct and informative, others are verbose and obtuse. Here is Colorado Public Radio's current Mission Statement, and here is their proposed (draft) Mission Statement. What do you think of these statements? What would you include or exclude and why?