Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank You Readers!

Colorado Public Radio Blog would like thank all its readers for viewing the site, adding comments, and giving us leads about Colorado public radio news, programming, jobs, and other happenings. During the past month, the blog has had over 1000 total visits from more than 600 unique visitors. Again, thanks.

President Bush Speaks to the Nation.

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. President Bush Speaks to the Nation. You can listen to it live in Denver on KUNC at 91.5-FM and KCFR at 1340-AM.

KUNC ran a live promo this morning that said "after the President's address," they'd carry the "Democratic response." KCFR ran a pre-recorded promo last night that said "Colorado Matters would be carried immediately following the Presidential address." Let's hope KCFR is carries the Democratic response too. My guess is that they would, but you'd think they'd actually tell listeners that BEFORE they'd promote themselves. You'd think, right?

To hear the address on your local public radio station in Colorado, check out the Colorado Public Radio Links area of this blog.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Colorado Public Radio in Denver Westword.

Frances Koncilja, of Colorado Public Radio Blog, attempts--yet again--to put the public back into Colorado Public Radio. Read some of her latest comments about CPR's problems in Denver Westword News, by Michael Roberts. If you have any questions for Frances, you can email her at Colorado Public Radio Blog.

The link to the Denver Westword article is down, but here is the text, relevant to Koncilja's comments about Colorado Public Radio.

CPR for CPR: When last we heard from attorney Frances Koncilja ("Going Public," June 14), she had resigned from her position on the Colorado Public Radio board to protest what she saw as an attempt by CPR chieftain Max Wycisk and chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher to change organizational by-laws in order to ramrod through a host of dubious proposals. Since then, she's created a Colorado Public Radio Blog, which has quickly developed into the go-to site for news about the state's public radio stations, including CPR. Among other things, she's posted documents that shed more light on her concerns.

The next big day in Koncilja's battle to save CPR from itself is September 19, when the board is expected to meet for the first time since putting many of the plans she criticized on hold. Via e-mail, she writes that her preparations for the session will include contacting local officials who appear on the network to "ask them to inquire of management why there is no diversity on the board and on air." She's also requesting input from "previous board members" plus "current sponsors and underwriters." She adds, "Even though I was not asked to submit anything" for the meeting, "I have."

As she understands, silence isn't always golden.
-Michael Roberts

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eric Whitney on National Public Radio.

"Fort Carson is one of dozens of Army posts across the country that have recently created a Warrior Transition Unit to help wounded soldiers deal with the mental and physical health issues of their post-deployment." Listen to Eric Whitney's story on Weekend Edition Sunday, by following this link.

Whitney works for KRCC-FM in Colorado Springs, and he moonlights for Colorado Public Radio from time to time, by doing actual top-of-hour reporting during Morning Edition.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dan Drayer returns to The Company Store.

Dan Drayer recently returned to Colorado Public Radio to host KCFR/KVOD Presents. I hope this finally means that KCFR Presents will actually present some interesting local content, rather than just re-broadcast its hodge-podge of NPR documentaries. The first part of the three-part series entitled Shakespeare in American Life was perfect for Saturday afternoon nap-taking--unless you were driving around town! I missed parts two and three. Go figure!

Is this hiring and admission that CPR lacks sufficient programming relative to its amount of staff? If so, I wonder what other brilliant show ideas are in the works! Hey, I have an idea. Why doesn't CPR resurrect Midday Mozart. Mike Flanagan is the General Manager at Radio1190, but Charley Samson still works at KVOD. C'mon, let's repurpose!

Good luck to Dan Drayer with KCFR Presents and Charley Samson with KVOD Presents! It is better to have more people of substance at Colorado Public Radio than more people of process.

But I am confused. What is it that KVOD Presents? Classical Public Radio Network? Once again, Colorado Public Radio, your branding initiative confuses me. I guess that's what happens when Herr Goebbels is put in charge of the process.

Read the latest press release about Dan Drayer from Colorado Public Radio, which attempts to clear up any branding confusion. Still confused? Yeah, me too.