Friday, August 31, 2007

Cokie Roberts Coming to Colorado.

Cokie Roberts, of National Public Radio, will be in Denver, Colorado as the keynote speaker for The Women's Foundation of Colorado on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at the Colorado Convention Center

Maybe one of the Denver public radio stations: KUNC-FM, KGNU-AM, KUVO-FM, or KCFR-AM can arrange to get this speaking engagement on the air, or get her into a studio to speak about The Democratic National Convention, the 2008 campaigns, working at NPR--you know, politics?


Anonymous said...

Don't count on CPR for this. The PM doesn't really like to leave the building for programming. And despite that army they've built in the newsroom, they're sure to miss thye event in favor of covering some sleep-inducing topic regarding water rights for disabled Wiccans or low-cost insurance for endangered species.

Dave Pechman said...


Yes, the Program Manager, Program Director--officially known as the Vice President of Programming--has no background in journalism, and wouldn't know a news story if it bit him.

On the other hand, he spent several years at CPR as the Vice President of Communications & Marketing and as the Vice President of Communications*, so my guess is that he's better suited for news- and classical music-related promotions and propaganda. So at the very least, you'd think he'd understand it from that superficial level

*Before that, I heard he managed a pizza restaurant.

Before he became the Vice President of Programming at CPR, some of the employees referred to him as the "Vice President of Signage and Memos." I always preferred "Propaganda Minister," because of the thimbles full of information he passed out to the staff were always sanitized for public consumption. You know, he'd re-work the CPR website comments into internal newsletters which praised the station. I guess he thought the employees were fairly stupid or completely unaware.

And of course, you can also thank him for all the incessant "messaging" about CPR that you hear everyday on the air. Phrases like, "Colorado Public Radio, home of this, home of that that, and home of the other thing," are his artistic contributions to journalism and the arts, along with nearly meaningless show titles like "KCFR Presents."

That's what you get when you put a communications genius in charge of a public radio news station which specializes in news and classical music. Promotion BECOMES the primary content.

It is shameful that Executive Management and The Board of Directors put a know-nothing like Sean Nethery in charge as Vice President of Programming. He is FUNDAMENTALLY UNQUALIFIED for his job.

But he is the favorite son of CPR's President, Max Wycisk. And, they are both manifestations of CPR's bigger problems. You see, they both just "know what's better for listeners," thus, they needn't ask for opinions from others.

Let them eat cake! A King with his thrown-sniffing Courtier!

Dave Pechman
CPR Employee

Dave Pechman said...


Maybe it was a Blockbuster Video store, rather than a pizza place.