Saturday, August 11, 2007

Of Missives and Mission Statements.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted the Mission Statements; both old and new, of Colorado Public Radio. And today, I noticed that KDNK-FM, also referred to as Carbondale Community Access Radio, has its mission statement posted to their website. Seriously, how succinct or wordy should a mission statement be? What do you think it should include?

These details also caught my eye in Colorado Public Radio's proposed mission statement:
  1. Highest Priority: Classical Music, and
  2. Priority: Local Content.
As far as I know, classical music is what Colorado Public Radio broadcasts exclusively under its KVOD brand. If it is the highest priority, are they branching out into other music formats? If so, which ones? Triple-A, County Western, World Music, or Jazz? The word highest, also suggests that classical music is most important music format among a group of at least 3 like items; grammatically it does. High, higher, highest? Good, better, best? Remember grammar and usage?

Also, Colorado Public Radio produces exactly one, 30-minute local news show, called Colorado Matters, under its KCFR brand, which broadcasts 7 days per week for a total of 7 hours (including full-length repeats). There are 168 hours of news, information, and entertainment broadcast on KCFR every week. Colorado Matters accounts for 4.2% of the programming content, not counting the Colorado Matters redundancies during Morning Edition.

In terms of quantity, that seems that local content is a fairly low priority. Perhaps it's really the quality that matters; not the quantity? Or maybe I fail to understand the meaning of the word priority? By the way, Colorado Public Radio has some job openings, even one in the news department!

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