Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Feel Good!

Who's the hardest working "reporter" at Colorado Public Radio? It used to be Kirk Siegler of Aspen Public Radio; that is, until he moved to Denver to take a job with KUNC-FM.

Now the hardest working guy at CPR is . . . Eric Whitney of KRCC-FM in Colorado Springs! I can't wait for the the new Health Reporter to start at Colorado Public Radio in FY2009. Then they will have 1 whole reporter on staff.

In the meantime, you can catch Eric Whitney during Morning Edition on 1340-AM in Denver, and on 90.1 FM HD2 if you have an HD radio in your car, in hour pickup, in your house, in your boat, on your motorcycle, on your snowmobile, on your lawn mower, on your scooter, in your tractor--that is, if you haven't already donated all of your vehicles to "support the programming" at Colorado Public Radio.

Did I forget to mention that you can hear CPR are on the web at,, and podcasting all 30 minutes of Colorado Matters on the NPR website? It's called CPR Everywhere! They're HUGE! Colorado Matters is biggest 30 minutes of news in Colorado. Just ask them!

Here is a link to Eric Whitney's most recent feature on Colorado Public Radio. It is entitled, New Program for Wounded Soliders.


Anonymous said...

If you actually want to hear Eric's last feature for CPR, cut and paste this enormous URL into your browser:

Anonymous said...

You're also going to have to scroll down to Sept. 06 to get the link to the story, "News Feature: New Program for Wounded Soldiers"

And not to gratuitously beat up on CPR, but their web page doesn't seen very friendly to the end user looking for a specific story.

Dave Pechman said...


I linke to the audio file to reduce the amount of scrolling.


Anonymous said...

clicking on the morning edition link you provided goes to npr's morning edition site, Eric's story ain't there.

Clicking on the Colorado Matters link takes you to his story, but you still gotsta scroll and look for it

Maybe you could provide a link that says, "To hear the story, click here," or something obvious. Not trying to be snotty, just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, just saw that you did exactly what I suggested... my bad, sorry.