Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clarification Sent to The Collegian

CPRB Readers: Please find a clarification below, which CPRB Management posted to The Collegian website. As you can see, there is plenty of blame to go around. We regret the errors. -CPRB Management


CSU Collegian:

Here is what I think happened regarding the misinformation related to your story:
  1. The original Collegian story regarding the KCSU "transfer" was imprecise, and has since been removed from The Collegian’s website.
  2. Colorado Public Radio Blog wrote a story based on the imprecise information from The Collegian.
  3. Westword referenced Colorado Public Radio Blog.
  4. Larry Steward, interim president of RMSMC posted the following information to the Westword Blog and to Colorado Public Radio Blog: "Just a note of clarification regarding KCSU-FM. Under the terms of the Operating Agreement with the soon to be incorporated Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, Colorado State University will retain the KCSU license and enter into a brokerage agreement with the new organization. This agreement will be filed with the FCC in compliance with rules and regulations."
  5. The Collegian removed the original story from The Collegian’s website, not clarifying the ambiguous reference to the word “transfer”.
  6. The Collegian contacted Colorado Public Radio about CPRB because they thought that the Colorado Public Radio Blog is part of Colorado Public Radio. The Colorado Public Radio Blog front page clearly states the following disclaimer: “ColoradoPublicRadio.Blogspot.Com is not affiliated with Colorado Public Radio, Public Radio of Colorado, Inc., member stations, affiliates, or partners."
CPRB will correct the post.

Jimmy James Jr.
Colorado Public Radio Blog


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