Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet the Presser, with Max Wycisk

The Wycisk of Oz meets the press; if you can call it that. Read Colorado Public Radio's press release to the Denver Business Journal here. As you can see from the article, and I am using that term loosely here:

EMF is selling the 90.1 FM signal to Public Radio Capital, a nonprofit that helps public-radio stations with expansion projects. In turn, Public Radio Capital will lease the signal to CPR.

See Public Radio Capital's client list here. If Colorado Public Radio bought (with Public Radio Capital financing), rather than leased the 1340-AM in 2001, then it appears that the current deal could be different than CPR's previous acquisition. I guess that is the difference between a press release and a news article. Press releases are all the news the is fit to print, from the client's perspective. So much for public radio NEWS!

Here is the entire press release on eMedia World from Colorado Public Radio's Vice President of Press Releases, Erica Stull. Actually, she is the Vice President of Community Outreach. There was one? Here is the presser on Conde Nasts', and here it is on Business Wire. Feel free to compare the press releases (some of which appear to be more complete than the one above from the DBJ) when The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News columnists/critics/stenographers run their little tidbits in the fish wrap later this week and next.

I guess this shows that CPR can create content--and buzz--when it wants. Perhaps they need Ms. Stull in the news department producing shows? After all, Sean Nethery, Colorado Public Radio's Vice President of Programming has years of experience in marketing and communications--not in journalism. Seems like a perfect fit to me; propaganda meets public radio programming. Kismet!

July 3rd update: What did I tell you? Here is Joanne Ostrow's meager morsel on the The Denver Post website, and here is her tiny tidbit from The Denver Post blog. She is not fast, but she certainly is frugal by recycling the same piece twice!


Anonymous said...

From the presser:

CPR officials say some classical listeners north of Denver may have difficulty picking up KVOD's new signal, but the channel can be heard using an HD or digital radio or through a high-speed computer Internet connection.

Take that listeners of classical music in the north metro area. No soup for you!

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