Friday, July 20, 2007

Frances Koncilja Joins "Colorado Public Radio Blog."

Please welcome attorney Frances Koncilja, former Board Member of Colorado Public Radio, to the Colorado Public Radio Blog and learn what astute insights she has about public radio in Denver and throughout Colorado. Besides CPR Governance Under Fire in public broadcasting's trade magazine, Current.Org, find out what else she has to say by checking back soon for her pithy posts and critical comments about our valuable community resource--public radio.


Steve B said...

Great to see you on this blog. Maybe you can shed some light on why CPR is the public radio equivalent of stale bread.

Colorado Public Radio should be doing much more to provide local news and interest stories that appeal to listeners in different areas of Colorado. I live on the Western Slope and have pretty much given up on the Denver-centric presentation offered by CPR. Instead, I usually listen to KVNF out of Paonia.

Anyway, glad you're here and I look forward to your posts.

Frances Koncilja said...

You are correct. There is not much coverage of Denver local news and culture. There is next to no reporting outside the metro area. A real shame and a real lost opportunity. I kept wondering what managment was doing with the $500,000 a year. Thanks for your comments.