Friday, July 20, 2007

Radio is Next to Get Disrupted.

This commentary in Current.Org, by Jim Paluzzi of Colorado Public Radio, is well done. Of course it also begs the question, "Why hasn't Colorado Public Radio developed any new or compelling news programming since the beginning of the Colorado Public Radio News Initiative?" Also {temporally speaking}, how long can a 'News Initiative' really last before it becomes a 'News Process?' Just wondering . . .

Has KCFR "[d]evelop a strategy for innovative programming that recognizes that 'local radio' means something new in the Internet-connected world?" If KCFR has developed a strategy for "local programming," what is the actual product? Is more "inserting of local headlines and weather and traffic reports or covering a segment of Morning Edition [or any other NPR show for that matter] with a locally produced package" really all that KCFR News can do, while simultaneously promoting the "filler" with more frequency?

Has KCFR News actually "[thought] about making radio that will compel new audiences to listen?" If KCFR has thought about it, what about their actual broadcasts are "new or compelling?" The Public Insight Network (PIN)? Is this "Network" really going to provide, discover, or reveal innovative content for new listeners? For younger listeners? If so, how so?

From the actual sound of Colorado Public Radio's news broadcasts, it seems like the Vice President of New Media & Technology (Jim Paluzzi) should leave a copy of his very coherent article under the door of the Vice President of Programming (Sean Nethery). Maybe then he'd learn something about what the programming department needs to do on the content side. Or perhaps, Colorado Public Radio should just realize some further "back-office efficiencies" by getting rid of the bureaucratic fat. Which Vice President would you cut? It seems obvious to me. Oink!


Colorado said...

The most important point here in answer to your question is the small print at the bottom of the article: "Jim Paluzzi is v.p. for new media and technology at Colorado Public Radio, Denver."

Does he have anything to do with the news? No. Who is in charge of the news? How did they get there? Answer that, and you'll know why the news is like dry grape nuts. It's safe, and its good for you.

Jimmy James Jr. said...


I agree. Get rid of the slow movers.


Jimmy James Jr. said...

CPRB Readers,

Who is this "Sean Nethery" character anyway? Somebody post a copy of his resume, if they can find it. Or better yet, email it to us, and we will post it.

The Management

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything on it except his current job. I hear rumors that inside the Death Star he's referred to as Shuffalufagus because he moves so, um, "fast". About as fast as the news initiative. Is he actually a Ferengi?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this site thinking I might find something valid but all I am seeing is a childish attempt to discredit someone by the oh so mature method of making fun of his physique. It is also rather clear from the writing style that Jimmy James Jr is in fact Dave Peckman.

And even though you might not read this in the Westword, the word on the street is Dave Peckman pooped his pants.

Jimmy James Jr. said...


Nobody who writes for this blog insults the physicality of anyone at CPR or at any other public radio station. In fact, we could care less. We leave posts on the site, so long as they do not violate some basic web and blog principles and conventions. The comments about bureaucratic fat, the pig picture, and the oink exclamation are purely metaphorical.

We are not really sure what the "pooping pants" reference really means, but we'll leave it up because you are entitled to your opinions, just as we are ours.

My guess is that it is an insult of Dave Pechman, because you attributed a insult to him that was posted by some other reader, commenter. If so, well done! You have used false logic to make your own ad hominem attack.

We are sorry that you have not found anything valid on this site after "stumbling across it." And, we are also glad that you have decided to speculate about who we all are.

As you know, Jimmy James is a character from a sitcom called "News Radio." The ideas expressed by Jimmy James are from some of our authors, and from some contributors who provide us information and ideas about Colorado Public Radio and other public radio stations throughout Colorado. And as you can see, Dave Pechman is listed on this blog, and has posted under his name.

Please feel free to come back to read and comment--anonymously or otherwise--as you like. Since this blog began, we have deleted exactly ONE viewer comment; that one was spam.

Jimmy James Jr

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