Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gear Up!

CPRB Readers: Which of your public radio stations sells the best gear or supplies the best premiums? Here is a link to the KUVO shop called The Oasis Store at CafePress. And here is a link to the KGNU shop.

Seriously, are the public radio pickings in Colorado this sparse! If so, why? Does your public radio station sell good gear, or does is supply great premiums? If not, perhaps you should ask them to do so. After all, it's your money, right?


Cletus said...

Public radio t-shirts go great with Birkenstock's.

Jimmy James Jr. said...


And what about the classic, "Nina Toten-bag?" Ugh! Even NPR still has need to give out--SELL, rather--lame, hippy gear. Cumbiya!


Sally said...

Cumbiya? The song title is actually spelled Kumbaya and its a really tired out stereotype at this point in my humble opinion.

Jimmy James Jr. said...


Right, "KUM-BAY-YA!"
Sorry, my "hippy" is rusty!