Wednesday, July 25, 2007

KUNC Upgrades Its Transmitter Site.

If you had trouble reaching KUNC in Denver, Colorado before, you will likely have better reception today. Here is the information from KUNC in Greeley, Colorado.

"Last night at 7 pm, KUNC flipped the switch on our new transmitter site at Buckhorn Mountain, which will significantly improve our signal over the majority of Northern Colorado, the I-25 and Highway 36 corridors, and much of the metro Denver area. However, some areas may experience a weaker signal." --KUNC

Here is the old KUNC coverage map, and here is the new KUNC coverage map. Maps (and thanks) provided by Radio-Locator. As you can see, the new location of their antenna changes the coverage area in Denver and in the surrounding areas of northern and northeastern Colorado.

This will surely mean more competition for National Public Radio (NPR) listeners in the Denver Metropolitan area, because KUNC, like KCFR and KUVO, broadcasts some NPR content. I guess Denver public radio just got more interesting, to say the least!

Just so everything is clear, so to speak: KUNC broadcasts on 91.5-FM in Denver, KUVO broadcasts on 89.3-FM in Denver, and KCFR broadcasts on 1340-AM (and 90.1 FM-2) in Denver and 1490-AM in Boulder.

This just in: I was reminded from a source (via email) that Colorado Public Radio tried to buy KUNC a few years back (2001). Here is an article from Current.Org in which Max Wycisk, President of CPR, tells readers that:

"Public radio and television have historically been under-funded, so a lot of that local premise is never realized," He said. "Putting our resources together gives us the ability to generate more and deeper local and regional programming."

Now it seems as though KUNC is surviving without Colorado Public Radio's "deeper local and regional programming." What is that programming again? Deeper, local, and regional?


Jimmy James Jr. said...

CPRB Readers,

I have been told by many Denverites that 91.5-FM KUNC reception is great in Denver, Boulder, and in the suburbs. Finally, NPR has some competition in the metro area! And isn't MORE public radio better for ALL of us? Who will you support in Denver; KUNC, KCFR, both, neither?


Anonymous said...

Not KCFR! I hate the fact that they took NPR off FM. You mean to tell me small towns like Colorado Springs and Greeley get NPR on FM and Denver has to be on AM? Ridiculous! I try to listen on personal headphones and I can't on the lightrail (think overhead powerlines) and in the gym (AM can be difficult). Furthermore, KCFR shuns any input from anyone that is not commited to classical music (read into...they don't want to take the classical off the air). When they advertise for board members they stat that they HAVE to be dedicated to classical. Thus, they built into the "domocratic community system" a bias toward keeping NPR off FM. I have nothing against it. I just do not want to support it! I feel that they don't even segregate the gifts between the stations so that a gift to them would support both (prove me wrong...I am not sure).

I give to KCFR and KRCC. They're fantastic!

Anonymous said...


I meant to say that I give to KUNC and KRCC. THEY are fantastic! I have never given anything to KCFR. I won't until they move NPR back to FM.

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