Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What HD Radio will Mean to Vail Listeners.

One June 20th, the Colorado Public Radio Board of Directors tabled (until September 2007) consideration of an action item on the agenda to begin transmitting in HD radio on FM 89.9 HD1 in the Vail Valley. However, it appeared that CPR management had already ordered the necessary equipment in May 2007, without Board consideration or approval.

So if this change passes in September 2007, and Colorado Public Radio uses FM 89.9 HD1 digital/analog for "KCFR News listeners," even those people who have not spent $200+ on a new HD radio, will continue to get the KCFR news. However, when CPR broadcasts classical music on FM 89.9 HD2, only listeners with HD radios in their homes and cars will get KVOD music.

Do the listeners in the Vail Valley want this, need this, or think this is a good idea? I would like to know your opinion, so please email me, Frances Koncilja. The Board of Colorado Public Radio should also hear your opinion, so please email Colorado Public Radio too, contacting Board Members directly if you like.

As to an exclusive KCFR News channel running 24/7--how many times can anyone listen to the same 30 minutes of Colorado Matters--the only original news content produced by Colorado Public Radio!

*See the Colorado Public Radio station map to find your Denver-run, public radio station.

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Jimmy James Jr. said...


Sounds like Colorado Public Radio is putting the "corporate" and "private" into public radio. So much for transparency!