Tuesday, July 31, 2007

KCFR News Wins Award from PRNDI.

Colorado Public Radio's KCFR News Initiative wins an award from Public Radio News Directors Incorporated. First Place, Interview: Remembering Sex-Change Pioneer Dr. Stanley Biber. Listen to the entire story here. Congratulations, KCFR News!

From PRNDI: At its annual conference in New Orleans, PRNDI announced the winners of this year's PRNDI Awards. This is the only national contest recognizing outstanding public radio news reporting at local stations. The contest covers work produced in 2006. A total of 87 awards were presented to 34 stations at the PRNDI Awards Banquet on July 21 at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans. The full list of winnners is below.

Read the entire list of winners here. The file is in Microsoft Word format. Our thanks to an anonymous reader (and poster) for this news and for the audio link to the story on the CPR website.


Anonymous said...

Is this the type of award CPR wants to showcase? And, if it is their ONLY award, what are most people thinking? "Oh yeah, public radio talking about sex change. Speaking of change, some things don't change. Stinky, far-left, liberal hippies!"

A few sports stories, a bit of traffic information, weather that actually addresses the market that is being served...That would be a welcome change by CPR.

Cletus said...

How about just some relevant weather forecasts?

I live on the Western Slope; I have friends that live in Vail, Durango, Craig, and Pueblo. We all enjoy public radio. However, as CPR is now the entity that controls much of the delivery of public radio to these markets, you'd think they would have an obligation to serve the people in those communities directly. We're all peeved that CPR's weather forecasts relate to Denver and the Front Range most of the time. I can't remember the last time I was awake at 5:15 in the morning and heard a weather forecast that addressed the Western Slope. It’s always a Denver/Boulder forecast only.

Also, I have sent comments to CPR about this problem. If I live in Montrose, or Durango, or Craig, why would I care if it were going to rain in Denver this morning? I don’t. I want to know what the weather is going to be like in my community.

Now CPR might think of this as nitpicking. So be it. When CPR gobbled up transmitters all over the state, listeners in the affected communities were fearful that the community service function of their local public radio stations would disappear. CPR replaced the local station with a generic Denver-centric program format. Listener’s fears were realized.

So I ask: Is it impossible for CPR to broadcast local news and weather updates to citizens that live outside of Denver? I’ve seen a CPR office/studio in Grand Junction. What function does it serve? Can’t they have a body in there that can serve the basic listening needs of the community by providing some local information?

I’ll give you my favorite illustration of this problem. The Fruita Fat Tire Festival brings bicyclists from around the country to the Western Slope for a few days of road and mountain biking. I have sat in coffee shops and pizza joints talking to people that came to Fruita from places like Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, San Jose, Minneapolis, and Boise. To a person, they were listeners of public radio. Did they once hear a forecast on CPR that would let them know what kind of weather to expect in Fruita? Not a chance. They were forced to get their information elsewhere, as I have done. I told them and anyone that will listen: If you like public radio and want to receive information that is relevant to our Western Slope community, listen to KVNF. It is a far superior product to CPR.

End of rant.

Anonymous said...

Colorado Public Radio received a nicer and more complete mention on this site than they did in The Rocky Mountain News. Perhaps this blog is being fairer to CPR than some readers think.

Jimmy James Jr. said...

CPRB Readers:

Here is a brief, brief of the CPR award in The Rocky Mountain News, from July 31st. RMN Brief.


Jimmy James Jr. said...

Cletus and Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments!


Jimmy James Jr. said...


Here is a link to the Fruita Mountainbike Festival
If it is also promoted on KVNF-FM, please send us that link so that CPRB can post it too.



Anonymous said...

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