Friday, August 3, 2007

Colorado Confidential Bust Doug Lamborn Again.

You can read out it here. Once again, the Congressman is going after funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. By the way, if anyone is interested in participating in the following blog about US Congressman Doug Lamborn, please send an email so that we can hook you up.


Anonymous said...

Holy cripes! Even the conservative Repugs are lambasting Lamborn. Is there hope, after all, of getting rid of him? I say the best thing to do is to tell the conservative repugs the things Lamborn does that not even a conservative could support. That's the only way to motivate them. They won't help us get rid of him otherwise. I mean, good God almighty, can even a conservative Repug believe in circumcizing a woman? Protecting the likes of Michael Vick?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, thanks for the link to Degette's article in Colorado Confidential. I was at a complete loss as to what the "Holy cripes!" commentator's point, above, was on Michael Vick and female genital mutilation until I read the comments someone made at the end of Degette's article. Those were so good as book-ends as to the kind of representative Lamborn has been that I e-mailed the Colorado Confidential article to John Hazlehurst directing his attention to the comments at the bottom of Degette's article. John had a super article yesterday in the C.S. Business Journal on our new addition to the Fine Arts Center. In his last 5 paragraphs he went after Lamborn and deservedly so. You can read is article here:

Let's keep up our good fight against Doug Lamborn's attacks on the arts and public radio. And, if Lamborn wants a fight, let's send him to one at Michael Vick's house.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, my apologies. Here's the link to John's article in the Business Journal.

Jimmy James Jr. said...


Thanks for the great link and comments. It sounds like CoCo is keeping a close eye on Lamborm. Thank goodness for that!


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