Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aspen Ideas Festival for 2008

The Aspen Ideas Festival for 2008 ended last week. Among the guests this year were Former President Bill Clinton, PBS television Host Charlie Rose, Harvard Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Michael Sandel, and dozens of other well-know thinkers and personalities.

Listen to Colorado Public Radio Host Dan Drayer's 5-minute news feature from June 30th, the first day of the event, or go to Minnesota Public Radio to hear some extended audio pieces, like this one from President Clinton.

Too bad Colorado public radio stations cannot seem to cover this event a bit more broadly and deeply, or at the very least, try to coordinate interviews with some of the guests while they are here in the state. Minnesota Public Radio seems to have resources enough to cover this festival. Hear MPR's many other AIF broadcasts here. So, why not Colorado Public Radio? Are they busy covering a sweet corn festival in Brainard, Minnesota? You betcha!

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