Thursday, July 10, 2008

Westword Weighs in with the Latest 'Word

Michael Roberts of Denver Westword gives us the latest about the Colorado Public Radio frequency changes (and, he give Colorado Public Radio Blog a plug in the process -- THANKS!). So, how come it feels like I have heard this one before -- the death of KVOD? Oh wait, I CAN'T actually hear this one, because 1200 watts of isn't powerful enough to reach my home? Well, never mind.

By the way, you can tune in to KUNC at 91.5-FM and listen online at for some classical music in Northern Colorado, or tune in to or KUSC-FM in Los Angeles, online at, if state or region is unimportant to your classical music listening. After all, so long as you are online, why should I be limited to just KVOD on 88.1-FM RADIO, right? Use the internets, like CPR says.

By the way, -VOD stands for Voice of Denver. So, too bad much of Denver cannot actually hear KVOD on 88.1-FM. Nice job, McWycisk! Gene Amole would be proud. Hey Wycisk, we have heard that you had only met Gene ONCE in your 35 years in public radio -- with much of that time spent broadcasting classical music. Is that true? If so, how is it that you and CPR are the heir to his legacy? Just because you own the call letters? C'mon Max, tell us a story! Isn't that what your classical music hosts on KVOD do? Tell stories? So, enlighten us -- please!

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Anonymous said...

For two days now I've been hearing CPR talking about the switch from 1340 AM to 90.1 FM for KCFR and from 90.1 to 88.1 for KVOD. I guess I might care if I lived in the Denver Metro area. Oh yeah, I live on the Western Slope where this change means nothing to me, yet I have to listen to CPR continue to pipe Denver-centric info into my speakers.