Friday, July 11, 2008

What is an AM Station Worth These Days?

Westword's Michael Roberts wonders what do to with the pre-sets on his radio tuner here? What I am wondering is what the hell is 1340-AM, former home to KCFR, worth to a buyer -- especially with the US economy in the crapper? I am guessing that the price will be cheap -- but not free. By the way, -CFR in KCFR used to stand for Colorado Free Radio, and it's free to you, unless you subscribe.

Rather than worry about what to do with my presets, I am thinking about how cool it would be to have internet radio in my car. Can you imagine listening to thousands of stations from all over the world -- unlimited by terrestrial AM or FM? Besides, AM news radio was so much more interesting when it was on TV. In case you forgot how much fun AM radio could be, you can watch NewsRadio episodes on Hulu.Com. My guess is that Colorado Public Radio isn't nearly as lost as the NewsRadio crowd, but certainly not as fun either.

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