Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KRCC-FM Does Debates

KRCC-FM in Colorado Spring doesn't seem shy about covering actual politics. Here is a report from Bente Birkeland about Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall's first debate. Maybe Colorado Public Radio will cover events like this; someday, you know . . . when politics becomes big statewide, or even nationwide -- in Colorado.

Fortunately (or not) it's music week on Colorado Public Radio. Have you heard all of the on-air the promos? Good GOD! It's Promopalooza! After listening, I am thoroughly convinced that (a) KCFR is the news channel, (b) KVOD is the music channel, and (c) CPR is the PROMOTIONS CHANNEL. Talk about a branding train wreck. The acronym nonsense is pure gobbledygook! Tasteless alphabet soup!

I just love current events, especially when those events are theme-related -- like music week. Sounds to me like the wizards at KCFR News are taking their lead from NPR's creative department -- you know, multi-part series about news categories -- theme-based news about:
books, the environment, China, India, fictional characters, more books, and more China.

I especially like NPR's endless ways to chat about books. Book Lists for Summer, books for reading on the plane, your 3-books -- all centered around the same THEME! As if books alone wasn't already a theme. I call that theme-based news squared. If it's about 3-books, maybe it's actually cubed -- not sure. Math books?

I have a theme idea for KCFR News. How about an entire week dedicated entirely to GENUINE politics-- not idiotic themes like:
  1. What are you doing for the Democratic National Convention?
  2. What are you doing for the Democratic National Convention if you in the 18-25 year-old demographic?
  3. Will you rent out your home for the Democratic National Convention?
  4. Where will your bark beetles be staying for the Democratic National Convention?
  5. Tales of hope and gratitude about the Democratic National Convention.
Until then, I will be getting my political news from KUNC-FM, KRCC-FM and KGNU-AM. These public radio operations are a lot smaller, but from these stations I can hear:
  1. Jody Hope Strohoff of The Colorado Stateman,
  2. Bente Birkeland from Denver (and the Capitol when the legislature is in session), and
  3. Democracy Now.
This just in . . .

Colorado Public Radio DOES do politics! Well, sorta. KCFR New Host Mike Lamp read the fundraising totals and money in the bank for the Schaffer-Udall race in Colorado 2 and the Musgrave-Markey race in Colorado 4, during the top-of-the-hours news break on Morning Edition. Wow, I have goosebumps. Political talk like that gets me hot -- NOT! Most of us can read the paper and most of us have access to Associated Press and the Internet. Lame.

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