Friday, July 18, 2008

KVOD Lives Up to Its Name

Colorado Public Radio's upgrade of KCFR to 90.1-FM in Denver and downgrade of KVOD to its lesser signal at 88.1-FM has KVOD living up to its name -- or rather, living down to its call letters. The Voice of Denver is now truly, the classical voice of Denver, as well as all of the smaller, automated CPR-driven satellite stations across the state. As one of two complaint letters to The Denver Post suggests, shouldn't Colorado Public Radio simply change its name to Denver Public Radio? Sounds logical to me. But my guess is that, like many other CPR decisions, this one follows its own logic.

In the meantime, KVOD management will probably hunker down to weather all the criticism. Since most classical music listeners are older, perhaps CPR is hoping the geezers will eventually tire of shaking their fists and complaining. And maybe -- just maybe -- the rich ones will continue to mail CPR checks out of habit. After all, some of the old farts are senile too, right?


Anonymous said...

Denver Public Radio. This is the correct answer.

Listeners on the Western Slope: Craig, Grand Junction, Montrose, and Delta must endure a daily barrage of Denver-centric news, weather and promos from 'Colorado' Public Radio. Most public radio listeners over here on the 'back range' have given up on CPR in favor of local public radio outlets, like KVNF. Those unfortunate listeners that can't get the KVNF signal, and want to listen to NPR, must either listen on the Internet to KVNF or other non-CPR stations, or take a big bite of the shit sandwich that is Colorado Public Radio.

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