Monday, July 14, 2008

My, My Sirota!

Many of you who know anything about politics know who David Sirota is. If not, here is a link to his website/blog. What some of you may not know, is that after living and working in Washington DC for some time, he (and his family) eventually moved to Montana and then to Colorado. He has lived in Denver since mid 2007. Sirota was a regular on Air America Radio's Al Franken Show for some time too; doing a regular bit called My, My Sirota.

Anyway, I was listening to Sirota talk about his new book The Uprising on WAMU's The Diane Rehm Show last week, and wondered two things? First, why has David Sirota NEVER been on Colorado Public Radio. Second, why doesn't Colorado Public Radio carry The Diane Rehm Show? I mean, what is HD Radio for if you cannot broadcast more shows using the increased bandwidth?

I get the feeling -- from listening to KCFR (AM or FM) do political reporting -- that they are AFRAID to do politics. I mean, how many stories have any of you heard that actually have to do with a political race -- an actual contest, political strategy or political analysis? I am not talking about inane horse race chat, mind you. But really! Colorado Public Radio doesn't actually suck the life out of real politics -- like most main stream media source do -- it just plain SUCKS at covering ACTUAL politics!

My guess is that CPR is just scared shitless of covering something that (someone who) is considered to be controversial. I mean, Sirota is a well-known (whisper when you say it: liberal, progressive) politico. But, Colorado Public Radio can't risk tarnishing its corporate sensibilities, especially during tough economic times, by speaking with someone of his ilk. So, stay away from CPR stinky, liberal hippies! They'll stick with Colorado's mainstream, quote whores, like Katy Atkinson (4 appearances on Colorado Matters) and Eric Sonderman (3 appearances on Colorado Matters). Insiders like them are much safer, especially as they parrot exactly what everyone expects -- talking points for whatever issue or from whomever's campaign that is paying their salary. Katy wanna cracker?